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Illusionist Kam Tesla announced last Thursday his future plans for a grand illusion or large scale illusion to vanish the 320 meter tall Eiffel Tower. Despite his two visits to the globally popular landmark, he still believes that more planning will be needed before the grand illusion is executed. A team dedicated to Kam Tesla has begun preliminary sketches while holding regular meetings to discuss momentarily vanishing one of the world's most famous and iconic landmarks. A spokesperson for Kam Tesla said "This is a grand illusion and is centered around the famous Eiffel Tower so it will be a publicly held event. We are soon to begin talks with city officials and we welcome their support for bringing Parisians a truly magical moment."


The Eiffel Tower was designed by engineer Gustave Eiffel and originally erected for the 1889 World Fair, but was generally considered a visual blight by Parisians on the Paris skyline. The Eiffel Tower was originally going to be torn down but the decision was later re-considered as the landmark grew in international popularity. Magicians have always sought large illusions to wow audiences and to promote the art of performing magic. Large scale illusions help promote the art of magic and capture the publics imagination, creating greater interest in an art form that is becoming ever rarer to witness.


Legendary escape artist and magician Eric Weiss, also known as Harry Houdini, was not only extremely famous for escaping from impossible death defying situations, but also for being able to vanish a large animal like an elephant in a crowded arena of focused spectators. A large scale illusion that was televised in America and globally via satellite networks, like the vanishing of the Statue of Liberty in New York by legendary magician David Copperfield, raised the bar for grand illusions. Illusionist Franz Harary also executed a large scale illusion by vanishing the internationally popular landmark Taj Mahal. Large scale illusions depend on teams of engineers, advisors, and consultants working days before to make all necessary preparations for the illusionist.


Kam Tesla said I am dedicating this grand illusion to the pioneers and legends of performing magic like Dai Vernon and Lance Burton. Magic and large scale illusions of this sort are about the communication that is created between the magician and the audience. The more the audience is involved, the greater enjoyment they will have in the illusion. That is why the Kam Tesla team has made it our mission to involve the public when initiating a large scale illusion of this magnitude. I believe that this event will be among the most important grand illusions executed in the history of magic and illusions. We welcome feedback from Parisians and their correspondence thus far has been encouraging. We are viewing various dates but it will depend on the reception from Parisian officials. No date has been set for the vanishing of the Eiffel Tower event but Kam Tesla pointed to mid-2016 as a possible date for this historic event.



Feb 23, 2015 - Protect Magicians Rights, an advocacy movement for the American Magic industry announced the start of its petition campaign. Founded by magician Kam Tesla, Protect Magicians Rights seeks to influence legislation that will protect American magicians and their magic acts as well as promoting them domestically and overseas. One of the three petitions started is featured on the White House website. The petition asks for new legislation that will protect the intellectual property of magic products and magic acts by preventing their theft. The petition also seeks to promote American magicians overseas by using existing networks. In addition, the petition asks for providing incentives to American manufacturers of magic products. Promoting an annual National Endowment for the Arts National Magical Festival that will be hosted on Federal property is included in the petition as is promoting the domestic magic industry by allocating limited free of charge public radio and television ad space for professional magicians. Finally, the petition seeks incentives for individuals that restore a theater for showcasing magic. The National Endowment for the Arts has its budget allocated by the way of the United States House of Representatives Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies. Protect Magicians Rights spokesperson Kam Tesla said "Protect Magicians Rights is a movement of magicians, jugglers, balloon artists, magicians assistants, puppeteers, magic shop owners, magic theaters, sideshow performers, and magic fans that seek to protect and promote the American magic industry.


The NEA through the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies, can preserve and grow the American Magic industry, but it will be through legislation that will first protect American magicians as they operate in the negative space of creative expression, an area that traditional intellectual property laws do not properly protect. Performers acts and the products that are manufactured by American magic companies must be protected and that is the first focus of Protect Magicians Rights. In addition, it will be vital for individuals seeking to manufacture magic products in America to be properly induced through financial rewards or incentivized to do so. Many nations like China are heavily investing in their magic infrastructure and it would be a tragedy for American magic product manufacturers and American magicians to lose their competitive advantage in the magic industry because their IP was not protected. The petitions are the first step in the campaign that will include press conferences, political rallies, and meetings with Congressional Representatives to influence vital legislation for protecting magic acts." According to scholar Jacob Loshin "Since the resource of magic secrets can actually be depleted by misuse, the need to protect such intellectual property takes on particular importance." The petitions are all using the title 'Protect Magicians Rights' and can be found on the White House, Causes, and Change websites. For more information visit



Historically, the juggler was a minstrel as well as a conjurer, a reader of the stars or astrologer, and at the same time a jester, a merry-andrew, and a teller of droll stories. These jongleurs traveled from place to place, and exhibited at fairs, feasts, and merry- makings, as well as in the houses of noblemen, where they diverted the company in the great halls. In the fourteenth century they gave more attention to tricks and feats of skill, and became known as tregetours. The performances of some of these gentry were so marvelous, that the common people believed them to be the result of witchcraft, and classed the tregetours with the warlock and the sorcerer.

Chaucer, who no doubt had frequently an opportunity of seeing the tricks exhibited by the tregetours of his time, says: There I saw playing jugglers, magicians, tregetours, phetonysses, charmeresses, old witches, and sorceresses ;" and the old poet goes on to say of them, "Sometimes they will bring on the similitude of a lion, or make flowers spring up as in a meadow; sometimes they cause a vine to flourish, bearing white and red grapes, or show a castle built with stone, and when they please they cause the whole to disappear.

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